How Facebook Changes How We Think and Feel


Twenty years ago, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University did a study to see how Internet use affects how people feel. The Internet was still pretty new. Think early chat rooms. What they discovered was something they called the “Internet Paradox.” Despite the fact that the Internet as a technology was both social and communicative, people […]

Tiếp Thị Di Động Dựa Trên Địa Điểm


#1 Mobile Geofencing là gì? Mobile Geofencing, còn được gọi là Geotargeting, là một dịch vụ địa điểm (location-based service), dựa trên thông tin địa lý cho phép một thương hiệu đưa ra quyết định hoặc hành động dựa trên địa điểm của một thuê bao SMS. Mobile Geofencing không phải là một công nghệ […]

Apple chiếm 92% lợi nhuận thị trường điện thoại thông minh toàn cầu, Samsung 15%


Thông tin từ Canaccord Genuity được WSJ đưa lại cho biết trong 8 nhà sản xuất điện thoại thông minh lớn nhất thì Apple chiếm tới 92% lợi nhuận, Samsung chiếm 15%. Có thể bạn sẽ hỏi nếu cộng cả 2 con số này lại chúng ta sẽ có 107% lợi nhuận, vô lý. Thực […]

Which Tweets are Being Indexed by Google Now – Update on the Twitter/Google Partnership


It’s been five months since Twitter announced a new deal with Google, granting the search giant access to it’s full fire hose of tweets. Since then we’ve seen hints of what’s to come, with real-time tweets appearing in mobile search results, along with notes about upgrades to desktop searches coming soon. But in reality, what’s […]

5 Reasons Instagram’s New Explore and Search is Great for Your Business


Instagram just made it a lot easier to connect with other users - and that’s great news for your business. The all new “Explore and Search” features, which Instagram released last week, showcase trending hashtags and make customized recommendations for accounts to follow. The new search has options to search by top tags, people, or places. As Instagram explained […]

PayPal makes changes to user agreement after robocall controversy


PayPal is modifying its new user agreement (set to go into effect this week) to “clarify” some terms that initially angered both customers and US lawmakers. Earlier this month, it appeared the new agreement would give PayPal full freedom to pester customers with “autodialed or prerecorded calls and text messages” directed at phone numbers registered […]

5 Things Your Digital Agency Should Tell You


You are in the process of setting up a small business that you aim to grow into a sizeable venture. You hire a new digital marketing agency to get you off to a flying start. So far so good. But before you rest all your hopes on the agency for a smooth lift off, there […]

The 6 Things You’re Doing Wrong in Your Social Marketing


Social media marketing is such an established and proven part of the marketing landscape it can feel foolproof. But there are plenty of mistakes to be made, and even things that seem inconsequential can impact the effectiveness of your social marketing and leave a window open for your competition. Here are some common mistakes you […]

Small Business Social Media Engagement


Small Business Social Media Engagement

Nostalgia Marketing: What is it?


Lately, I’ve noticed a marketing trend that isn’t necessarily a new phenomena, but seems to be gaining some steam. As a person who was born and grew up in the ‘90s, I constantly reminisce about the glory days of my youth–when Surge was the greatest soda in the world and Nickelodeon still revolved around slime. […]

10 dự đoán về thương mại điện tử di động trong tương lai


(VnMedia) - Tại Hội nghị thường niên vừa qua của Hiệp hội Tìm kiếm địa phương, các chuyên gia từ khắp nơi trên thế giới có những bình luận sâu sắc về xu hướng và thách thức của ngành quảng cáo, tiếp thị trên các công cụ tìm kiếm hiện nay. Dưới đây là 10 chia sẻ […]

Buying Fewer Online Ads? Focus on Your Content


Every few years or so, consumers tell us they’re fed up with digital advertising. It’s intrusive, it’s offensive, it’s spammy. Fair enough. Heck, even I get fed up with advertisements, particularly when they try to act like they aren’t ads but still interrupt your search like a popup. I was frankly happy to read recently […]